What is considered a “good” massage?

This is to educate my readers about what constitutes a “bad massage” and what constitutes a “good massage” and how you can tell the difference. Most of us are lucky and get good massages, but there are some of us that might have been unfortunate enough to receive a “bad massage”. Alot of people do not recognize it when they are getting a bad massage because they think the pain is all part of it. Well, I am here to tell you, there should be NO PAIN in a normal Swedish Massage and most other modalities/therapies. There are certain places on our bodies that a therapist MUST avoid when giving you a massage: heavy pressure on these places could lead to injury or complications to your health. So, what are these places? Let’s find out!

1.) Your eyes! ( there is no reason for your eyes to be touched or pushed in)

2.) The front of your throat! (Anterior neck)

3.) Breasts (go to a doctor for a mammogram, do not let a therapist touch your breasts, ever, unless a certain treatment is prescibed by their doctor!!!) This does not pertain to men, however, because athletes and bodybuilders need their “pecs” worked on.

4.)Spinous Process or right on the spine. ( This could cause nerve damage to the spinal cord )

5.) Xiphoid Process or you tailbone! This doesn’t feel very good anyway.:)

6.)Budial Fold or…yep, you guessed it…. your buttcrack! There is no reason for the therapist to go near here!



1) Temporal Area – your temples (light pressure is fine for clockwise rotation rubbing for a headache but no further pressure should be applied)

2) Axillary region – your armpits ( special exception for Acupuncture, acupressure, and Shiatsu: you can find further information later at http://www.philadelphiamassagestudio.com

3) The front of your elbows! Major arteries and blood vessels could be affected.

4) Popliteal Fossa – the back of the knees!

5) Kidneys – area covers T-11 to L-3 ( 11th Thoracic vertebre to the 3rd Lumbar vertebre )

6. Ankles of pregnant women! This is a trigger point and a meridian point and if pressed too hard could induce labor prematurely!

Yes, these places are the danger zones and if your therapist isn’t paying attention and you feel any pain or discomfort in any of these areas, don’t be afraid to speak up and let them know what’s going on!

The therapist is always supposed to ask your permission before working on your glutes.

If any of these occur during your massage or treatment, you have received a “bad massage”. Choose your therapist more carefully next time. 🙂 There are very good ones out there with alot of experience, you just have to do your research and not just “inny miney moe” around in the yellow pages. Don’t be lazy and take the initiative! This is your body we are talking about and you need to take care of it the best you can. A good massage every 2 weeks will help you do just that. There are so many great benefits to your health and well being by getting a massage. Here’s how you know you have gotten a good massage:

1.) The therapist respected boundaries while waiting for you to get undressed and on the table.

2.) The therapist regulated your breathing before starting

3.) Upon starting the Effleurage stage the therapist asked you if the pressure was ok.

4.) Therapist used smooth, relaxing strokes applying light to moderate pressure and not going near the danger zones or making you feel uncomfortable.

5. You fell asleep! 🙂 This is a very good sign!

That, ladies and gentlemen is how you know you have gotten a “good massage”! Save some “take care of me” money and keep getting those massages and treatments. They will help you feel better, have more energy, be healthier AND happier along with prolonging your life! Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you again soon..


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Does massage in philadelphia stack up?

Know What Massage Philadelphia Offers Known as a place of independence, Philadelphia is a place that is starting to get known for its massage therapy schools and massage services. With high regard to perfection and performance, Philadelphia is one place to watch for when it comes to massages. While the rest of the worlds looks for good masseuse, people at Philadelphia sure has training them well. With so many schools offering these types of classes it’ll be no wonder that Philadelphia will be known for its schools and practitioners.image Philadelphia’s distinction as the birthplace of independence makes this city a popular choice for many events.
Are you considering attending therapeutic massage therapy training at one of the Philadelphia massage schools? Then be sure and learn of a well-known Pennsylvania massage. These Philadelphia massage school provides all the courses and training you need to develop the skills to become a professional masseuse and provide various bodywork therapies for your client’s health.
Philadelphia has long been a rich and vibrant city with a deep history and is a truly unique center for business, educational, and cultural activities. With so many options in this city, competition is a way of life, often causing people to feel overwhelmed. If you are looking for a career change or a new focus to succeed in Philadelphia, the National Massage Therapy Institute (NMTI) of Philadelphia strives to help you find a clear path by joining the rapidly expanding massage industry. NMTI’s massage school in Pennsylvania can give you the education you need to jump start your career in massage therapy. http://www.nmti.edu/http://www.nmti.edu/
They have lots of schools specializing in the different types of massages, as well as other health care courses. Looking to change your life with a new, challenging career you love? Massage Therapy may be right for you! The number of Americans receiving massages has more than doubled in the last decade, and the massage therapy profession has quickly been one of the fastest growing in the country. One significant benefit of becoming a massage therapist is the flexibility it offers in choice of work location and hours. In addition to the part time and full time options, many massage therapists choose to open their own private practice. With all the rewards, including financial freedom, it’s easy to see why massage therapy is such a hot profession.
Philadelphia massage applies a holistic model of practice to our programs in order to create a process that honors the individual learning styles of all students. Their program stresses the necessity of understanding the science supporting the work, provides a deep foundation in diverse manual therapies, and considers the entire being in the application of techniques. Believing that all students accepted into our programs have demonstrated their potential to succeed in the healing arts field, their classes are facilitated by knowledgeable, professional teachers and certified practitioners offer possibilities for whichever healing art students wish to dedicate themselves. Their devotion to our student’s success includes offering a diverse program, coaching and guiding each student through their experience in the program, and constantly ensuring that our resources are available for whatever individual needs arise in the education process.
THIS is why there are so many schools and spa treatments growing all over the world, and Philadelphia is not an exception. And with their strong drive for success and their never ending quest for relaxation and comfort, Philadelphia may as well be one of the great centers for massage spas. <a href=”Therapeutic Massage“>Therapeutic Massage

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Philadelphia massage

Whether you have an old injury, a recent injury, stress, stiffness or issues that effect your mobility or range of motion, you will have trigger points. Trigger points are caused by trauma, injury or stress to the muscles, from either repetitive movement, inactivity, accidents, sports or emotional stress to name a few. By combining various massage techniques listed above and especially Trigger Point Therapy I can help to reduce and in many cases eliminate your pain by ‘erasing’ trigger points.

Some of the conditions I treat include: back pain, knee pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, TMJ dysfunction, SI joint pain, IT band pain/inflamation, plantar fasciitis, neck pain, hip pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, post operative pain, hamstring pain, muscle spasm, pulled muscles, whiplash, shoulder pain, repetive stress injury, piriformis syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, pain associated with bulged or injured spinal disks, range of motion issues, sports injuries, work injuries, auto injuries etc.


If you have pain right now, you’ll benefit from my tips on pain management which you can begin to use before your first appointment.

I understand what is involved in dealing with pain or stress because I have suffered from it myself.



I accept credit cards through PayPal only. For those of you who are interested in multiple appointments, I offer package deals to help you cut costs.

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Why you should add a massage a month to your new years resolution.

In United States at least 80% of people make New Year’s resolutions related to health and fitness. Perhaps you belong to that group. Most of us start on January 1st with good intentions, high hopes and enthusiasm. What better way to start a new chapter in life than to sign up for a gym membership, yoga, dance, gym membership just to mention few.


We imagine feeling wonderful and looking great. We know what will get us there. We’re sure we can do it… But by February, the enthusiasm starts to fade and after a few more months most people forget their promises to themselves and return to their old ways.

Think small usually that works?

The kind of resolutions that we tend to stick with are the less drastic ones. Make small changes from your regular routine and take baby steps. Make only one small change a each and every month.

January: Get a massage! If you’re going to make changes this year, why not start with an easy one? Plus, you need to de-stress after the busy holiday season. And regular massages are an excellent first step on the road to better health. Studies have shown that massage can relieve stress, reduce tension, ease pain, increase circulation, improve movement, and even promote weight loss! Keeping your resolution of a massage a month is easy at an affordable with Philadelphia massage studio. www.philadelphiamassagestudio.com


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