Why you should add a massage a month to your new years resolution.

In United States at least 80% of people make New Year’s resolutions related to health and fitness. Perhaps you belong to that group. Most of us start on January 1st with good intentions, high hopes and enthusiasm. What better way to start a new chapter in life than to sign up for a gym membership, yoga, dance, gym membership just to mention few.


We imagine feeling wonderful and looking great. We know what will get us there. We’re sure we can do it… But by February, the enthusiasm starts to fade and after a few more months most people forget their promises to themselves and return to their old ways.

Think small usually that works?

The kind of resolutions that we tend to stick with are the less drastic ones. Make small changes from your regular routine and take baby steps. Make only one small change a each and every month.

January: Get a massage! If you’re going to make changes this year, why not start with an easy one? Plus, you need to de-stress after the busy holiday season. And regular massages are an excellent first step on the road to better health. Studies have shown that massage can relieve stress, reduce tension, ease pain, increase circulation, improve movement, and even promote weight loss! Keeping your resolution of a massage a month is easy at an affordable with Philadelphia massage studio. http://www.philadelphiamassagestudio.com


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