Creating new Ways

Bill has invested 14 years and over 7000 clinical hours as a Board Certified Massage Therapist. Bill Engstrom owner of Philadelphia Massage Studio and his specialty are crafted towards clients that want the best. His ability to getting to the core of the problem is what comes natural and sets him apart from any offer therapist. Bill’s creative technique allows him to Tailor each massage individually for his clients. A Tailor Made Massage was once hidden treasure for a select few. Today Philadelphia can now experience this crafted medical massage. Tailored Made Massage which focuses on detoxifying, realigning the bodies fascia and tranquilizing the CNS. HE achieves this by  using different techniques which Bill blends for each massage session. There are a couple main focus points. Tailor-made messages focus on detoxifying the body, realigning the bodies fascia and most importantly taking away any pain that causes  stress and your body from being tight and knotted. It’s also excellent for athletes and men women with jobs that keep them in a chair most of the day. We all have different issues and I individualized a therapeutic and medical massage for each individual. The trigger point, deep tissue, myofascial (stretching of the skin/back), Swedish, sports, reflexologyMassage Therapist Reviews  and much more.

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