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Blending massage techniques

Creating new Ways


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The Yelp Reviews You Don’t See

I bet you didn’t know that every business being reviewed on Yelp has a handful of reviews, if not more, that are being quietly tucked away just below all the reviews that you do see…


You see, Yelp gets millions of reviews from their users. Millions too many to be posted online. I mean honestly, imagine having to read pages and pages of reviews – many of which might be total garbage or catfish bait – just to get an idea of whether or not the business you are interested in is reputable enough of your time and money. So, what Yelp does is use an automated software to recommend the ones that are most helpful for the Yelp community. The software looks at dozens of different signals, including various measures of quality, reliability, and activity on Yelp – and boom – you have a concise collection of reviews to get to it with…

This process is great and all, but for the smaller businesses on Yelp, some of those discarded reviews are legit and would really benefit them. So, what happens to all the those reviews – the ones that somehow didn’t make the cut? Good question. What happens is, those reviews are quietly tucked away, just below the main ones, in a faintly greyed out link. And although these reviews are not factored into this business’s overall star rating, many of them might still be worth a look-see.  For example, a recent 5-star Yelp reviewer of Philadelphia Massage Studio had this to say the other day:

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“I’ve only recently started going to get massages occasionally but out of all the ones I had, this was the best place. Bill is a master of his trade and knows so much more than others in his industry. I would recommend 10/10 and I am definitely going back soon. He’s a really chill guy too. He gave really good advice regarding my back problems. “

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Massage Event for Evo Philly at Cira Centre South 

Massage event at Evo Philly at Cira Centre South for U Penn and Drexel students looking to unwind and relax with a massage from behalf of Philadelphia Massage Studio 12/6/16. 

The owner Bill 

The lovely Sarah Lima L.M.T

Best of 2013 Massage Therapist



525 South 4th ST

STE 360

What is a massage therapist job?

A massage therapist is a professional who performs massage and bodywork. The field of massage therapy is quite large, running the gamut from therapists who perform basic Swedish massage to people trained in more esoteric fields like trigger point. A massage therapist’s goal is usually to relax his or her client while promoting general health and well being. Some branches of massage therapy are focused on treating specific health conditions, and on addressing congenital muscular problems.Image

People have been performing massage and bodywork on each other for thousands of years. A friendly human touch is believed to be important to psychological as well as physical health. Several cultures have developed their own distinctive branches of bodywork, such as lomi lomi in Hawaii and Shiatsu in Japan. Bodywork is often integrated into a greater holistic healing practice, like Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many people around the world consider massage as an important part of their personal health and beauty regimen.

As part of a massage therapist’s job, he or she works with a wide range of clients. Many people seek massage therapy purely for relaxation and comfort, but some people come to a massage therapist for deeper work. A massage therapist uses his or her training to treat clients on an individual basis. He or she may work as a freelancer or in a spa or medical clinic, charging varying fees for different services. Some therapists offer additional services like facials, and body treatments to supplement their massage practices.     Philadelphia Massage Studio
Philadelphia p.a. 19107. center city, cc

Massage and me!

I am a license massage therapist and wrestled since I was 6 years old. Being exposed to how the body moves at such an early age helped me tremendously. I have put on many different faces in my life. I was an H.V.A.C mechanic, direct tv technician but Massage I was completely in love. There is nothing better than work in which you serve and help others. It is endlessly rewarding.
As a certified massage therapist for 10 plus years, each and every patient presents with different problems, a different health history, different symptoms. I have to listen very carefully and try to decipher the root of their problems. For instance, if 5 people came in for headaches, they would most likely be treated in 5 different ways. It is like a puzzle and definately intellectually stimulating.

Then, I get the chance to put my training into practice and give a treatment. I’ve been doing this since 2004, but still, every day is interesting Philadelphia massage studio.

People usually only come to massage after having exhausted their other options. Once they come and get a massage, I believe they will feel awesome for days.

When they improve, it is incredibly rewarding. There is nothing better than helping people. It is not like work. I put in long hours, but I choose to do so, and it is not difficult, because I enjoy it!  http://www.philadelphiamassagestudio.com

Massage therapy isn’t just for spas anymore!

Treat yourself to a relaxing and therapeutic massage! Massage therapy can be an integral part of your health maintenance program. It promotes relaxation, helps relieve sore muscles and back pain, and enhances athletic performance. It is an excellent self-awareness tool. Our massage therapists are all certified by an accredited massage therapy school and have completed a minimum 720 instructional hours in massage therapy and its many techniques.



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