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What is a massage therapist job?

A massage therapist is a professional who performs massage and bodywork. The field of massage therapy is quite large, running the gamut from therapists who perform basic Swedish massage to people trained in more esoteric fields like trigger point. A massage therapist’s goal is usually to relax his or her client while promoting general health and well being. Some branches of massage therapy are focused on treating specific health conditions, and on addressing congenital muscular problems.Image

People have been performing massage and bodywork on each other for thousands of years. A friendly human touch is believed to be important to psychological as well as physical health. Several cultures have developed their own distinctive branches of bodywork, such as lomi lomi in Hawaii and Shiatsu in Japan. Bodywork is often integrated into a greater holistic healing practice, like Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many people around the world consider massage as an important part of their personal health and beauty regimen.

As part of a massage therapist’s job, he or she works with a wide range of clients. Many people seek massage therapy purely for relaxation and comfort, but some people come to a massage therapist for deeper work. A massage therapist uses his or her training to treat clients on an individual basis. He or she may work as a freelancer or in a spa or medical clinic, charging varying fees for different services. Some therapists offer additional services like facials, and body treatments to supplement their massage practices.     Philadelphia Massage Studio
Philadelphia p.a. 19107. center city, cc

Massage and me!

I am a license massage therapist and wrestled since I was 6 years old. Being exposed to how the body moves at such an early age helped me tremendously. I have put on many different faces in my life. I was an H.V.A.C mechanic, direct tv technician but Massage I was completely in love. There is nothing better than work in which you serve and help others. It is endlessly rewarding.
As a certified massage therapist for 10 plus years, each and every patient presents with different problems, a different health history, different symptoms. I have to listen very carefully and try to decipher the root of their problems. For instance, if 5 people came in for headaches, they would most likely be treated in 5 different ways. It is like a puzzle and definately intellectually stimulating.

Then, I get the chance to put my training into practice and give a treatment. I’ve been doing this since 2004, but still, every day is interesting Philadelphia massage studio.

People usually only come to massage after having exhausted their other options. Once they come and get a massage, I believe they will feel awesome for days.

When they improve, it is incredibly rewarding. There is nothing better than helping people. It is not like work. I put in long hours, but I choose to do so, and it is not difficult, because I enjoy it!

What Philadelphia massage studio is doing to help the elderly.

image” http://www.philadelphiamassagestudio.comThe woman – in her 80s – hadn’t spoken in months. The nursing home staff figured she had lost the ability. But after six silent months of regular massage sessions, massage therapist Dawn Nelson heard a soft voice utter: “That feels good.” Nelson, author of “From the Heart Through the Hands” and creator of the program “Compass-ionate Touch For Those in Later Life Stages,” says massage has improved quality of life for many older, not-so-mobile clients. In addition to boosting circulation, easing stress and relieving aches and pains, all important physiologically for people who don’t move around much, massage bestows a basic human need the elderly often go without: touch. “Just like at the beginning of life, when you’re not touched, you don’t thrive,” said Nelson, who works with older people who are isolated in their homes or living in institutionalized care. While extensive research has shown massaging infants benefits their development, particularly in premature babies, few studies have explored the impact of massage on the elderly. One study, published in 1998 in the Journal of Applied Gerontology, found elderly people who massaged infants experienced less stress, improved mood and fewer trips to the doctor. Researchers believe massage, and touch generally, can strengthen the immune system by stimulating pressure receptors under the skin, which in turn reduces the stress hormone cortisol, the chief culprit in killing natural disease-fighting cells, said Tiffany Field, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Without touch, studies on monkeys have shown, there’s a rise in aggression. But elderly people, who could use the immune-boosting benefits of touch the most, are getting it the least. “There’s a lot of isolation involved when you’re no longer working or driving,” said Sharon Puszko, owner and educator at Day-Break Geriatric Massage Institute, which teaches health professionals safe massage techniques for elderly clients. “There are lots of people who are alone, whose grandchildren are grown and aren’t in town to give kisses.” Some assisted-living facilities arrange for massage therapists for their residents, but it’s “not something that’s being incorporated as much as it should be or could be,” said Tara Cortes, executive director of the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing at New York University. Family members and friends can provide the touch that’s lacking. Because aged skin gets thin and bruises easily, any massage administered to the elderly must be gentle; sometimes all it takes is barely caressing a person’s skin, Cortes said. “We do know that just the touching of a person to another person, just the warmness, creates a sense of calmness and security,” Cortes said. More than just chatting, playing games or even holding hands, giving focused, attentive touch establishes an intimate, nurturing bond that expresses caring, Nelson said. She has seen it ease the symptoms of touch deprivation, such as grouchiness, irritability and a lack of interest in life and people. In people with dementia, she said, it helps ground them in physical reality. “For me the miraculous part is drawing a person out of his shell,” Nelson said. “Because otherwise they just curl into a little ball, and their skin dries up, their mind dries up.” Giving a body massage Licensed massage therapist Sharon Puszko offered four exercises a lay person can do on an older, not-so-mobile loved one. But remember, you’re not aiming to give the knot-grinding, tension-relieving massage younger people seek. Aging skin is thin and prone to tearing and bruising, so err on the side of very gentle. A 20-to 30-minute session one to three times per week is sufficient. Arms and legs: Wrap both hands around the person’s wrist, and gently compress and release. Work your way up the arm with the same compress-and-release motion. Do the same for the legs, starting at the ankle and moving upward. Always massage toward the heart. Hands: Using your thumbs, massage the palms of the hands with circular strokes. Work your way up each finger with the squeeze-and-release motion mentioned above. Don’t massage the top of the hand, as that skin is particularly thin. And don’t pull the fingers, as that can hurt people with osteoporosis. Feet: Using your thumbs, massage the soles of the feet in an outward circular motion. This helps loosen up the connective tissue and widen the plantar surface, which can tighten when people don’t walk much. Back and shoulders: Place the palm of your hand in the sacrum area at the base of the spine, and make circles on the muscles on either side of the spine (don’t massage bone), working your way up to the shoulders. If your loved one is seated, have them lean forward slightly, with a pillow in his lap. If you have a loved one and he or she are older. even in a bed for a period of time.


Please contact Philadelphia massage studio at 1211 #236 vine st, Philadelphia pa 19107. Contact info is 267-694-9360 ask for Bill or Sarah. $60-60minutes or $75-90minutes. 2 blocks to convention center, reading terminal, best western, embassy suites, hannamen hospital, lowes hotel and market st.

Does massage in philadelphia stack up?

Know What Massage Philadelphia Offers Known as a place of independence, Philadelphia is a place that is starting to get known for its massage therapy schools and massage services. With high regard to perfection and performance, Philadelphia is one place to watch for when it comes to massages. While the rest of the worlds looks for good masseuse, people at Philadelphia sure has training them well. With so many schools offering these types of classes it’ll be no wonder that Philadelphia will be known for its schools and practitioners.image Philadelphia’s distinction as the birthplace of independence makes this city a popular choice for many events.
Are you considering attending therapeutic massage therapy training at one of the Philadelphia massage schools? Then be sure and learn of a well-known Pennsylvania massage. These Philadelphia massage school provides all the courses and training you need to develop the skills to become a professional masseuse and provide various bodywork therapies for your client’s health.
Philadelphia has long been a rich and vibrant city with a deep history and is a truly unique center for business, educational, and cultural activities. With so many options in this city, competition is a way of life, often causing people to feel overwhelmed. If you are looking for a career change or a new focus to succeed in Philadelphia, the National Massage Therapy Institute (NMTI) of Philadelphia strives to help you find a clear path by joining the rapidly expanding massage industry. NMTI’s massage school in Pennsylvania can give you the education you need to jump start your career in massage therapy.
They have lots of schools specializing in the different types of massages, as well as other health care courses. Looking to change your life with a new, challenging career you love? Massage Therapy may be right for you! The number of Americans receiving massages has more than doubled in the last decade, and the massage therapy profession has quickly been one of the fastest growing in the country. One significant benefit of becoming a massage therapist is the flexibility it offers in choice of work location and hours. In addition to the part time and full time options, many massage therapists choose to open their own private practice. With all the rewards, including financial freedom, it’s easy to see why massage therapy is such a hot profession.
Philadelphia massage applies a holistic model of practice to our programs in order to create a process that honors the individual learning styles of all students. Their program stresses the necessity of understanding the science supporting the work, provides a deep foundation in diverse manual therapies, and considers the entire being in the application of techniques. Believing that all students accepted into our programs have demonstrated their potential to succeed in the healing arts field, their classes are facilitated by knowledgeable, professional teachers and certified practitioners offer possibilities for whichever healing art students wish to dedicate themselves. Their devotion to our student’s success includes offering a diverse program, coaching and guiding each student through their experience in the program, and constantly ensuring that our resources are available for whatever individual needs arise in the education process.
THIS is why there are so many schools and spa treatments growing all over the world, and Philadelphia is not an exception. And with their strong drive for success and their never ending quest for relaxation and comfort, Philadelphia may as well be one of the great centers for massage spas. <a href=”Therapeutic Massage“>Therapeutic Massage

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Philadelphia massage

Whether you have an old injury, a recent injury, stress, stiffness or issues that effect your mobility or range of motion, you will have trigger points. Trigger points are caused by trauma, injury or stress to the muscles, from either repetitive movement, inactivity, accidents, sports or emotional stress to name a few. By combining various massage techniques listed above and especially Trigger Point Therapy I can help to reduce and in many cases eliminate your pain by ‘erasing’ trigger points.

Some of the conditions I treat include: back pain, knee pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, TMJ dysfunction, SI joint pain, IT band pain/inflamation, plantar fasciitis, neck pain, hip pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, post operative pain, hamstring pain, muscle spasm, pulled muscles, whiplash, shoulder pain, repetive stress injury, piriformis syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, pain associated with bulged or injured spinal disks, range of motion issues, sports injuries, work injuries, auto injuries etc.


If you have pain right now, you’ll benefit from my tips on pain management which you can begin to use before your first appointment.

I understand what is involved in dealing with pain or stress because I have suffered from it myself.


I accept credit cards through PayPal only. For those of you who are interested in multiple appointments, I offer package deals to help you cut costs.

Philadelphia massage studio
Philadelphia pa 19107         267-694-9360 and ask for bill Engstrom

Why you should add a massage a month to your new years resolution.

In United States at least 80% of people make New Year’s resolutions related to health and fitness. Perhaps you belong to that group. Most of us start on January 1st with good intentions, high hopes and enthusiasm. What better way to start a new chapter in life than to sign up for a gym membership, yoga, dance, gym membership just to mention few.


We imagine feeling wonderful and looking great. We know what will get us there. We’re sure we can do it… But by February, the enthusiasm starts to fade and after a few more months most people forget their promises to themselves and return to their old ways.

Think small usually that works?

The kind of resolutions that we tend to stick with are the less drastic ones. Make small changes from your regular routine and take baby steps. Make only one small change a each and every month.

January: Get a massage! If you’re going to make changes this year, why not start with an easy one? Plus, you need to de-stress after the busy holiday season. And regular massages are an excellent first step on the road to better health. Studies have shown that massage can relieve stress, reduce tension, ease pain, increase circulation, improve movement, and even promote weight loss! Keeping your resolution of a massage a month is easy at an affordable with Philadelphia massage studio.


located at 1211 #110 vine st Philadelphia pa 19107. Call 267-694-9360 ask for Bill

It’s perfectly fine to have an emotional release..

Massage therapy benefits provides a soothing and comforting alternative to verbal therapeutic techniques, such as counseling.


A phenomenon called emotional release sometimes happens during a massage session. Unexpressed emotions that are held in the body may come to the surface when receiving massage therapy.

How this happens is much the same as reaching out to a friend who is hurting and you touch their hand or shoulder. A tear might come quite involuntarily. It just happens… and needs to be released. The right circumstance and the right person will elicit a release at anytime in our lives.

Our bodies store our experiences. Sometime a sore shoulder is much more than a tight muscle.

Certain forms of massage therapy specifically address the emotions and therapists are trained to deal with issues brought up during the massage session.

Learn More About Emotional Release – A Guide for Massage Therapist

Touch helps fulfill the need for human contact and nurturing that we received from birth. For some people this is the only caring contact that they may ever feel. This is why I refer to massage as being similar to an hour long hug.

                      Center city , cc

Philadelphia massage studio 1211 #110 vine st    Philadelphia 19107 call 267-694-9360 ask for bill

How to be one of the best massage therapist in Philadelphia?

My name is Gabriella Gillmanton. I have been Billy’s client for the past 5 years. I have chronic myofascial neck and low back pain. I have had many massage treatments prior to meeting Billy, however, Billy is by far the most skilled massage therapist I have been treated by. Billy treats my neck and back pain on a monthly basis; he combines his outstanding skills as a masseuse and his excellent knowledge of anatomy, and provides the therapeutic treatments that allow me to function better. His treatments relieve muscle spasms in my neck and back, alleviate the trigger points, and allow me to decrease the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications that I’m prescribed for the management of the myofascial pain. Billy is an outstanding professional and treatment by him has significantly improved my quality of life.

Professionally, I am a physician with training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and I will be finishing specialty training in Interventional Pain Management at Temple University Hospital on December 31, 2011. I appreciate the importance of a good masseuse both from my personal experience, as well as from the benefit that patients obtain from massage therapy. In the past, while undergoing residency and fellowship training, I was able to refer patients to Billy, who have also benefited from his treatment. As I start practicing on January 9th, 2011 as an attending Interventional Pain Management physician at Reconstructive Orthopedics, in Lumberton, NJ, I plan to refer more patients to Billy.

Billy is an outstanding therapist, who should continue practicing massage therapy, as he makes a significant difference in the lives of the patients that he treats.

Philadelphia massage studio 1211 #110 vine st. Philadelphia p.a. 19107. Please call at 267-694-9360 ask for Bill Engstrom.   Jr


Located in center city / cc Philadelphia pa 19107