Bill is a board certified massage therapist in Philadelphia PA 19147 USA

Creating new Ways

Creating different massage techniques to tailor each therapy session for individual client.

Massage Event for Evo Philly at Cira Centre South 

Massage event at Evo Philly at Cira Centre South for U Penn and Drexel students looking to unwind and relax with a massage from behalf of Philadelphia Massage Studio 12/6/16. The owner Bill  The lovely Sarah Lima L.M.T

Best of 2013 Massage Therapist

Philadelphia Massage Studio bill best certified massage therapist

What is a massage therapist job?

A massage therapist is a professional who performs massage and bodywork. The field of massage therapy is quite large, running the gamut from therapists who perform basic Swedish massage to people trained in more esoteric fields like trigger point. A massage therapist's goal is usually to relax his or her client while promoting general health … Continue reading What is a massage therapist job?

Massage and me!

I am a license massage therapist and wrestled since I was 6 years old. Being exposed to how the body moves at such an early age helped me tremendously. I have put on many different faces in my life. I was an H.V.A.C mechanic, direct tv technician but Massage I was completely in love. There … Continue reading Massage and me!

Hello From Philadelphia Massage Studio

📞📞 CALL ☎️ BUTTON 📞📞 1 (267) 694-9360 Philadelphia Massage Studios L.M.T. 525 South 4th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147  #360.